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Alan Marston
& Lorna Whincop

GreenEcoPeace Oceans &
Wildlife Conservation

We are more than pleased with your products and please find attached photographs.

We carefully followed your instructions from preparing to dying to proofing. We found the results quite amazing. We have recommended them to others and we recommend the products to anybody who is thinking of re-dying their canvases on their boats, such as hoods, side curtains, protective covers etc.

Thank you for your wonderful products.

Andrew LACEY
Email 10/15

Just wish to show you how well your product is..... Below is a photo of my VW beetle with product applied and tested with water and as you can clearly see it is and will be fantastically protected in the future.

Thank you for a producing something that really does do what it says it will do.

Water proofed soft top
Practical Boat Owner
May 2014

Best Buy
Best buy goes to Renovo cleaner

Best buy goes to Renovo cleaner, which required minimal elbow grease to eradicate deep stains. It was particularly good on rusty or stubborn stains. When applied neat to the stain.

Motor Boat Monthly
Jan 2014
Motor Boat Monthly January 2014
Email 03/12

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how satisfied I am with your product - in fact you have probably saved me 4 figures in replacing my canvas canopies on my boat.

The old ones were looking very tired, starting to fade, going green and the perspex not good to see through.

I have since cleaned inside and out with canvas cleaner, used restorer to make it blue again and the re-proofed for the season ahead.

I only used one application of restorer and was amazed at the results. There are a couple of places that need another application that were particularly faded due to the sun.

Will certainly be recommending your products and the results speak for themselves.

Something that should be pointed out is not to apply the restorer on a patio - wife was not pleased with her blue sandstone. It did power wash straight up though!! :-)

Humble Traveller Blog
Australia 02/12
Humble Traveller
Practical Boat Owner
March 2012
Practical Boat Owner - Boat canvas cleaner review
Graham Peers
North Wales
Email 06/10

I thought that it a pleasure to tell you people just how wonderful your products are.

I have a Chaparral sports cruiser 290, 7 years old, but to look at her she looks like new, because of your products.

The reviver has ensured, no, guaranteed the colour of my canvas pack covers to look as new, as good as the day I bought this boat from new, the proofer has ensured that I have no water ingress into my boat when the covers are on, and the window cleaner and vinyl cleaners add icing to the cake, I have and continue to recommend your products to any one and every one, because I passionately believe that this is one hell of a must have addition to those who like me want to protect and maintain the things we invest so much time money and energy on, and in my case a boat, which is a fine example of what you can do if you really care, thank you RENOVO

Practical Boat Owner
May 2008

Practical Boat Owner
Practical Boat Owner
October 2006

Practical Boat Owner
John Hodgkinson
Email June 2005

I have Just ordered a further supply of Renovo.

I own a sailing boat that had very cloudy windows that I was planning on replacing early next year.

As a last effort to clean them I tried your product and I must tell you I was both shocked and delighted with the result.

The small bottle was enough to clean all the windows and they are now clear and clean.

A friend commented that little bottle had saved me over a thousand pounds.

Sailing Today
July 2005
Sailing Today
June 2005
Caravan Club Magazine
Practical LRO
Practical LRO
Robert Moore
By letter April 2004

Dear Mr Coghlan

I recently read an article about your products and I decided to renovate the tired and badly faded spray hood on my Jeanneau 28. I can say only that I was amazed and delighted with the difference that your product has made. The spray hood now looks as good as new and has made the boat appear fresher and more appealing.

I have now recommended Renovo to all my sailing friends.

Renovo Marine used on Canal Boat covers Click Letter for larger version
Renovo testimonial
Renovo Marine
Classic Boat Magazine
Jeff Howlett

“Spray hoods are wonderful things”

They keep you inside in the dry, yet you can still see out through the clear plastic panels. Until the plastic becomes scratched by the continuous folding up and down of the wood, and ultra-violet rays make the panels go cloudly.

This new product from Renovo aims to put that right by removing cloudiness and scratches, using a simple polish-on, polish-off process.

I tried the stuff on the corner sections of my wheelhouse windows, which are curved and, therefore, perspex and which were very cloudy. I admit I was sceptical. After all, the perspex is 3/16in (8mm) thick and much tougher than the flexible panels one finds in a hood. However, I've gone over them twice and there is a dramatic improvement - I reckon a third dose will restore them to close to their original clarity.

A lot cheaper, at £14.95 for 100ml, and easier than new windows or hood.

More from Classic Boat and Jeff Howlett

Pilot Magazine
Product Reviews

“Renovo Polish”

Renovo's Plastic Window Polish is now beginning to establish itself as an aviation product for cleaning and polishing perspex cockpit canopies and windshields.

As soon as you start to use a light aeroplane the windshield quickly loses some of the wonderful clarity it had when new. Once it has been dusted a few times, washed down, and suffered being taken off through someone elses dusty slipstream or flown through a batter of hail, it soon begins to show signs of damage in the form of microscopic scratches. These have their worst effect landing into a low sun and makes it virtually impossible to see anything straight ahead.

There are many products on the market to polish plastics but not all are ideal for aeroplane canopies. Renovo Window Polish, to judge from the testing I have done, fills the bill pretty well.

I've used it on a well-worn, 25 year old windshield of a Gruman AA-5 and I could easily see just what a distinct improvement the Renovo polish made to pilot vision, 'healing' many of the hairline scratches. The result is quite amazing; it isn't 'as new' but it is very much the better for its treatment.

If you are one of those pilots who use a waterproof cover to protect their aeroplanes, you might well be interested in a few other Renovo products. These include a Cleaner that shifts bird-droppings, salt, leaf-gum, and general gunge from the aircraft cover with ease and without harming its waterproofing; an Ultra Proofer that reproofs the cover and contains an ultra-violet inhibitor and resists mould and mildew; and a Colour Reviver to smarten up the appearance of your parked machine.

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